The side effects on sexual desire and artistic inspiration

Although fans – doctors and users – consider Ladose to be a miracle drug, there is a price to pay. It is not effective in all cases. Results range from excellent to moderate. Some say they owe their lives to the capsule, others say it either increases anxiety, tension and insomnia or has no effect whatsoever. Doctors say it is also suitable for children but research suggests it may increase suicidal tendencies among those who take it in childhood. An apathy syndrome has also been observed. The person may be well but apathetic. Ladose tends to mollify passions, worries and eliminate anxiety. Artists have attributed their lack of inspiration to the drug. The artist Stella Vine confessed that Prozac helped her to function better but adversely affected her painting. «I remember a girl who showed me her writing, which was quite amazing, and I asked her why she had stopped and she told me that ever since she started taking Prozac she had been unable to write. I thought I would never do that but in 2001 I had to. I was in a very bad state and the world was crumbling around me. I started taking the capsule and I was full of energy. Prozac makes you get up from the couch where you’re thinking about suicide but it’s a waste of time. Nothing is settled inside me.» Maybe if Van Gogh had taken Prozac he would have kept both his ears. The most striking side effect of Ladose is on the sex life of users after taking the drug for a period of time. There is a lack of libido and the drug delays or interferes with orgasm. In some men it is administered for early ejaculation. Initially it was estimated that 30 percent of users showed sexual side effects but the figure has soared and according to some recent studies the figure is as high as 98 percent. The effects are not restricted just to our sex life but also to our ability to love. The pleasure we feel when in love is attributed to increased dopamine. SSRIs raise the levels of serotonin but reduce dopamine, resulting in reduced desire.