Air pollution rises in Greece

Greece is one of the few countries in Europe where atmospheric pollution is on the rise, rather than declining, according to a study by the European Environment Agency (EEA). The study shows a general drop in air pollution particles in Europe over the past years but Greece is bucking the trend, with an 11 percent increase. Spain fares even worse, with a 13 percent increase in air pollution, while Portugal has presented an 8 percent increase. Europe’s most densely polluted air is in Silesia – a region covering Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic – Italy’s Po Valley and Belgium. In these areas, air pollution is shortening life expectancy by up to three years, the study said. In Greece, life expectancy is being curtailed by air pollution by up to nine months, according to the EEA. But more worrying is that there is no concerted drive to curb air pollution sources: Some 30 percent from industry, 27 percent from energy production and 22 percent from transport.