Domestic weed thought to be better quality

In northern Greece, imports from Albania dominate the market. However, on the basis of figures covering the past two years, the Greek police are predicting a new increase in cannabis cultivation as smugglers from north of the border turn to heroin and cocaine. This year, 1 ton of hashish, all of Albanian origin was seized in all four police departments in Western Macedonia. A police helicopter recently found several more plantations in Central Macedonia (at Krya Vrysi Yannitson, Vertisko, Thessaloniki, on the Serres plain and next to the Axios River near Kilkis). «Greek hashish from mountainous and semi-mountainous regions is considered superior to the Albanian crop so plantations have been appearing once more,» say police. In Eastern Macedonia and Thrace police found 770 plants and uprooted 35,000 self-seeded plants.