Fuel with a 150-year history in Europe

Eighty percent of the natural gas used in Greece comes from Russia by pipeline and the rest comes in liquid form from Algeria. «Unfortunately we are one of the last countries in Europe to use gas,» said Papatzitzes. «Take the example of Britain, Germany and France, where natural gas appliances have been in use since 1894. They have passed laws obliging consumers to install condensation units that reduce 15 percent of the gas emitted during combustion, thereby protecting the environment. As for the safety of natural gas installations, in Greece today the work is carried out using the most advanced technology and materials, with know-how acquired over many years, since it has been used in Europe for 150 years. These installations are considered to be the safest ever. Has anyone wondered what dangers are entailed in storing a ton of petroleum in our basements, the risks of inhalation or even the tiniest leak, given that no authority ever inspects them?» The natural gas network is inspected around the clock by EPA’s control center.