Plan for Kifissos River revamp gets backing

A proposal by a group of architects for the regeneration of Athens’s Kifissos River, promoted by Skai and Kathimerini as part of their cleanup campaign for the neglected area, was yesterday embraced by local authorities and residents. «This is the last chance for the Kifissos – it should not be wasted,» Nea Philadelphia Mayor Stavros Kontos said of the study compiled by five Greek architects, who are members of the British Graduates Society. The plan proposes the regeneration of heavily polluted «hot spots» along the river. It also suggests the creation of green spaces and pedestrian areas along a section that crosses through Nea Philadelphia. A bicycle lane and footpath running along the length of the river are also planned. «It is inconceivable that no one has dared to restore Athens’s river,» said Vassilis Zotos, director of the study.