Biodynamics and its extension

Biodynamics is a method of agriculture which seeks to actively work with the health-giving forces of nature. It is the oldest non-chemical agricultural movement, predating the organic agriculture movement by some 20 years and has now spread throughout the world. Biodynamics recognizes that soil itself can be alive, and this vitality supports and affects the quality and health of the plants that grow in it. Therefore, one of the fundamental efforts of biodynamics is to build up stable humus in the soil through composting. Homeodynamics is an extension of classical biodynamics that incorporates elements of homeopathy, the result of work done by Enzo Nastati at the Eureka institute in Italy. It functions by stimulating the latent potential for adaptation. Natural substances are taken from raw materials and the information they contain is passed into water (by soaking, dilution or potentiation) which is then sprayed onto the plants and soil.