Taking farming further

Enzo Nastati, the guru of homeodynamic farming who has led several courses for Greek biodynamic and homeodynamic farmers, is coming to Greece once again to conduct a seminar at Levidi, Arcadia from December 5-9. Nastati is the head of the Eureka institute in Trieste, Italy and the «Tree of Life» (Albero della Vita), an organization that disseminates ecological methods and applications. His main contribution is the evolution of biodynamic farming (itself an evolution of organic farming) into homeodynamic farming, that is a comprehensive application of homeopathy to plants and farming. He has acted as an adviser to groups in Italy, Spain and Greece and is the publisher of Albios magazine. Themes Open to everyone involved in cultivating the land and who is interested in taking organic farming one step further, the seminar covers four themes: Bees (Wednesday, December 5) – The practical uses of these insects, Eureka’s suggestions for beekeeping, as well as a deeper spiritual approach to the bee as an entity. Of interest to beekeepers familiar with basic organic principles. Humus (Thursday, December 6) – As the Earth’s temperature rises, fields are threatened with desertification. In places where it isn’t already too late, humus plays a key role in soil fertility and productivity. How to make and use humus. Plants – plant forms – planets (Friday and Saturday, December 7, 8) What a plant’s form tells us about its qualities, how these relate to the seven archetypal qualities of the planets and practical applications for farmers in planning and problem-solving. Includes an introduction for beginners in these concepts. An esoteric reading of the Gospels (Sunday, December 9) – In line with the principle that everything is linked, we explore how lower entities can be transformed into spirit, how people can evolve beyond the realm of the senses and seek the reason for existence. The seminar, to be conducted in Italian with translation into Greek, is to take place at the Levidi Municipality’s hall behind the town hall in the main square. Participants need not attend all five days, but the Thursday-Saturday section is counted as one session. For details and bookings call Marios Desyllas at 210.988.88.602 (10 a.m. to 2 p.m.) or Poppy Giavrousi on 6932.722.829.