Athens to speak on Mideast

Foreign Minister Dora Bakoyannis today is due to address the international conference on the Middle East, which is taking place in the USA, and put forward Greece’s positions on how lasting peace can be achieved in the region. Athens has been buoyed by its invitation to take part in the conference in Annapolis, Maryland, and believes it has been asked to take part because of its good relations with Arab countries and its active role in evacuation and aid operations in Lebanon last year. Greece is one of 47 countries and international organizations that are taking part in the event, which is being hosted by the US government. The main aim of the conference is to attempt to launch Israeli-Palestinian negotiations for a Palestinian state. It is the first time that Greece has been invited to an international conference on the Middle East and Bakoyannis is expected to use the opportunity to speak to other diplomats on the sidelines of the meeting about matters pertaining to Greece, such as the FYROM name issue.