Police nab ‘the thief with the Kalashnikov’

Police said yesterday they have arrested a 29-year-old man in Thessaloniki believed to have organized 35 bank, supermarket and post office heists in about a year in which 300,000 euros in cash was taken. Dubbed by police as «the thief with the Kalashnikov,» authorities found in the suspect’s home two Kalashnikov rifles, electronic detonators, dynamite, two hand grenades and small amounts of heroin. The man was intending to use the dynamite to blow open the door of an armored car in his next heist, according to police. The robberies took place in northern Greece, central Greece’s Viotia and Attica. The suspect, an Albanian national, has served a 10-year sentence for drug and weapon-related offenses. Three other suspects were also arrested in what police believe is one of the most active gangs involved in drug and weapons trafficking.