Doctors trying out a new approach

Eleni Alagianni, 48 Director of the anesthetics department at the state hospital on the island of Kythera. «This very anthropocentric therapeutic method protects the patient, in contrast with classical medicine that does not consider the overall cost for the sake of a result in a very small sector. That is something the patient will pay for in 20-30 years. As a formal qualification, this course doesn’t offer me anything. I am already at the top of my career. The qualification is the goal. Homeopathy’s weakness is that it cannot prove how the homeopathic remedy works. I am a scientist, I want measurable evidence. Homeopathy might be the medicine of the future, if it can acquire strong arguments.» Maria Zervou, 38 Specialist physician – intensive-care specialist working on the island of Syros. «It has been an opportunity that I wouldn’t have missed for anything. I believe this degree will complete my education, will make me a better doctor with a more open mind. Classical medicine… often ignores the fact that a person functions as a whole. It is another approach which perhaps – and I still say perhaps – might help us doctors to function more effectively. Classical medicine and homeopathic medicine should go hand in hand. That is why homoepathy should be practiced by doctors. How can you judge something new when you know nothing about it?» Stavroula Nikitopoulou, 32 Homeopathic doctor in Athens «I first practiced homeopathy on myself and then put my faith in it. Initially I was skeptical, but something was missing from classical medicine. I attended the Aegean University’s two-year course in Athens and the postgraduate course was a natural extension. What I hope to gain from it is scientifically based knowledge.» Dimosthenes Papamethodiou, 39 Neurologist in Athens who also uses homeopathy. «I started studying homeopathy while still a student at the military hospital in Athens (NIMITS). At first I had my reservations, but then I saw it work… I think it is a complete therapeutic system on the physical, psychological and mental level. This master’s is a great step forward for homeopathy. Because it is interdisciplinary it opens up new prospects for research into the theories of holistic systems. We want more doctors to study homeopathy. It is dangerous for homeopathy if non-medical graduates get involved. The prevailing conservatism works against homeopathy. Yes there is denial and prejudice, mostly out of ignorance, but there are also financial interests at stake. Homeopathic remedies cost much less.»