‘A matter of criticism,’ first hearing told

Prosecutor to prosecution witness Anna Stai: «All kinds of perverts and drug addicts are out there, and out come the fuzzy culture fanciers and progressives and say the following: ‘Ah, the right to be different. Ah, the right to expression.’ And we all say, ‘That’s just fine.’ «…In 1979 nobody knew anything about the Holocaust. Now, in the past two years, some things have happened in Europe and there have been some sentences handed down by courts in France and Germany through laws of dubious constitutional force […] Mr Plevris refers to the literature. […] «What I want to say is that this work is scientific in nature. What interests me in the whole spirit of your deposition is that you deny the scientific nature of his work. […] Whether we like Plevris as a scientist… it is a matter of criticism, it is not a question of throwing him into prison. […] Mr Plevris has the right to say that [Hitler] acted properly. Why should we take that away from him? […] Do you want a Nazi court to try you and judge you, or a Nazi state? […] When the Jews said, ‘We are the chosen people,’ did anyone sue them?» «Madam, I will read you something [Plevris] says. And what do you have to say about it? He says here: ‘I will repeat that I am not attacking the Jews as a people, a race, a nation, but their religion. Because it teaches that the Jews agreed with their god Jehovah that they would worship him and that he would ensure they had global sovereignty over all the nations of the world.’ «If anyone is racist, it is they who write such things in their religion.»