Youth loses hand in attack by lover’s dad

An 18-year-old man was in intensive care in a Naxos hospital yesterday after losing his hand in a frenzied attack by his girlfriend’s father, a 47-year-old ex-convict. The father flew into a rage on Saturday when asked by the youth for his daughter’s hand in marriage, police said, noting that the 15-year-old girl was thought to be pregnant. The 47-year-old allegedly tried to strangle the youth before grabbing a sword and slashing at him. The youth’s right hand was chopped off and he suffered sword wounds to his head and legs. The 47-year-old, recently released from jail where he served time for a 1996 murder, fled after the attack but later turned himself in to police. He faced a prosecutor yesterday. Doctors who operated on the youth yesterday said his condition must stabilize before they can try reattaching his hand.