Zoniana arrest warrants on way

Warrants are expected to be issued for the arrest of more than 10 people in connection with last month’s ambush of a police convoy at Zoniana on Crete, a senior police source said yesterday. The source said police have gathered evidence linking the suspects with the attack that left one officer seriously injured, after a series of laboratory tests. «More than 10, perhaps 15 warrants will be issued,» the source said. The suspects are also expected to face charges in relation to drug trafficking, illegal posession of weapons and bank robberies. Official announcements are expected to be made in the coming days. Police have been combing the mountainous area of Crete since the ambush early last month, uncovering dozens of guns and large quantities of drugs. Last week, authorities said a judicial investigation into illegal activity in the village of Zoniana is being stepped up after the Supreme Court assigned a prosecutor to the probe and asked him to travel to the island to oversee procedures. Police are also looking into possible links between organized crime suspects in Zoniana and international drug-trafficking rings. Meanwhile, residents in Rethymnon gathered yesterday to show their support for efforts to stamp out criminal activity on the country’s largest island.