Inofyta crops at risk

The Union of Greek Chemists has recommended an immediate halt to the use of water from the Asopos River in Viotia, not only for consumption but for any other household use. In a special report released this week on the risks due to the presence of depleted chromium in Inofyta’s drinking water, the union observed that levels of the substance, which were in excess of safety limits, posed a public health risk. The union also said that even using the river to water plants was dangerous. «The use of water containing depleted chromium for irrigating fields and greenhouses… should be accompanied by protective measures; people doing farm work should avoid inhaling the spray.» Experts also called for the soil to be tested in order to investigate the phytotoxic effects of the chromium. Farm productivity in Inofyta has decreased in recent years and this could be due to depleted chromium filtering down to the water table. According to the union, compounds of chromium, particularly depleted chromium, are considered to be extremely toxic for plants and lead to a reduction in crop yields, poor plant and root growth, among other things. Its toxicity is due to its high solubility in water, which makes it easily absorbed by the root systems of plants.