In Brief


Woman, aged 30, arrested on suspicion of stabbing maid Police revealed this weekend they have arrested a 30-year-old woman on suspicion of murdering a Filipino maid who was found dead in August at a house in Ekali that belongs to a well-known jeweler. The 50-year-old woman had been stabbed to death during a robbery on the property. Two safes were taken from the house during the raid. Police said the woman in custody for the murder is a Romanian national who worked as a maid in the neighboring house in the affluent northern Athens suburb of Ekali. She left Greece for Romania shortly after the murder but a European warrant for her arrest was issued and she was recently handed over by Romanian police to Greek authorities. BOMB THREAT Controlled explosion of device Bomb disposal officers conducted a controlled explosion of a device that had been left outside a company that makes commercial refrigerators in Kerameikos, central Athens, on Saturday night. An anonymous caller rang the police at around 7.30 p.m. saying that a bomb had been placed outside the Serko Ararat premises in protest at the government’s plans to close down Olympic Airlines. It was not immediately clear if there is a connection between the firm and the airline. The caller said a group called «Autonomous Intervention» had placed the device there. Hunter found A 47-year-old man who had been missing since Friday afternoon after going to pick mushrooms in an area near Ierapetra, Crete, while carrying his hunting rifle, was found dead later in the day, police said on Saturday. Police said the body did not show any signs of physical injury and that the rifle was loaded but had not been fired. An autopsy will be performed on the body, however, authorities believe the death was due to natural causes. Prisoner recaptured An Albanian police officer convicted of kidnapping and causing physical harm was arrested in Athens after escaping from a prison in Albania where he was serving a 15-year jail sentence, authorities said yesterday. The escaped prisoner had escaped from Tirana jail in January 2002. Details concerning his recapture were not made public. Illegal immigrants Police in Komotini, northeastern Greece, said on Saturday they had arrested 81 illegal immigrants packed into a truck near the Turkish border. The driver of the truck, a Greek national, had allegedly picked them up after they had crossed the Evros River, which marks the Greek-Turkish border. He is believed to have been paid 1,000 euros by each person. The immigrants were all men and came from Pakistan, Iraq and Afghanistan, police added.