Judicial procedure still at the stage of investigation

Immediately after the shipwreck, a Naxos prosecutor filed an action in rem against the owners of the vessel for causing a shipwreck through negligence, polluting the sea through negligence and violating port regulations. The case is still at the stage of investigation. On June 12 the Naxos prosecutor initiated new proceedings against the ship’s captain and representatives of Louis Hellenic Cruises Ltd and Core Marine Ltd for not submitting a study for pumping out the fuel left in the ship’s tanks. Orders for their arrest were also issued but the port authorities were not able to locate them. A French court has declared that the French passengers are presumed missing, since divers were never sent to look for their bodies. No charges have been pressed against the captain and owners of the ship for homicide. On June 14, a memorial service was conducted by a French priest for Anne Allain’s husband and daughter at the place where the ship sank. It was attended by Anne Allain and members of the French Embassy in Athens.