Migrant joblessness quite low

Greece is the only EU country in which unemployment among migrants is lower than that recorded among locally born inhabitants, according to the results of a study released yesterday. The study, prepared by the union groups GSEE and ADEDY along with Panteion University, also found that recent government efforts to legalize illegal immigrants have failed to produce the expected results due to numerous contradictions in the law. Meanwhile, a separate study prepared by the Interior Ministry, made public late on Tuesday, said there are more than 1 million immigrants living in Greece, almost half of them legally. Albanians make up 63 percent of the approximately 480,000 legal immigrants, the ministry said, adding that the next largest contingent was 27,000 Bulgarians, followed by just over 19,000 Ukrainians. Some 12,990 Georgians, 12,126 Pakistanis, 10,704 Russians and 10,356 Egyptians made up the rest of the list, it said. The ministry said that as European markets gradually open to Bulgarians and Romanians, the number of Bulgarian and Romanian immigrants should drop.