Tips from a specialist

Thanassis Stamatelatos, who started working at the market at the age of 9, provided the following tips about meat. If you want lamb or goat chops, make sure they are cut from the right-hand side of the animal as they always sleep on that side and more blood collects there, making the meat more tender. Bulgaria has the most pasture land after New Zealand and the animals there actually graze as opposed to being fattened on animal farms. French meat, like French perfume, is considered the best in the world, but Greeks tend to turn up their noses at it. The best local lamb is from Cephalonia and it is even exported to Italy. Ten days before and after Easter, the head and entrails of sheep and goats must be sold with the rest of the body, but they can be sold separately afterward. Beef bon filet is very tender but has more toxins as it is close to the kidneys. Meat from the shoulder contains more water but fewer toxins. Brisket is good for stews, the tail makes a good dish with lemon sauce and the legs a tasty consomme.