Church leader keeps his spirits up

The health of Archbishop Christo-doulos, who is suffering from liver cancer that has spread to his stomach, improved slightly yesterday as his team of doctors gathered at his northern Athens home. According to Church officials, the 68-year-old’s condition has been generally worsening over the last few days as his liver has nearly stopped functioning and he suffers from frequent memory lapses. Church officials hosted a lunch at the Church leader’s home in Palaio Psychico for the medical experts that have been involved with Christo-doulos’s treatment since he was diagnosed with cancer in the summer. Christodoulos was due to undergo a liver transplant in the USA but it was called off when doctors found that the cancer had metastasized from his liver to parts of his stomach. The Greek-American doctor who was due to perform the operation, Andreas Tzakis, was in Athens yesterday. «I found him in very good psychological condition,» said Tzakis. «Considering what he has been through, it is amazing that he is maintaining his morale, mental clarity and his physical condition,» he added. The archbishop did not attend the lunch but spoke with the doctors, according to sources. Senior members of the Church once again tried to play down talk among senior priests regarding who will replace Christodoulos.