The shameful state of the Faliron Delta

The post-Olympic glow is alive and well at the Faliron Delta. Garbage and rubble of all kinds are strewn along the Saronic coastline; the images of neglect speak for themselves. The entire stretch of coast is one endless parade of shabbiness, an «open space» where people come and dump whatever is no longer of any use to them. In front of the much publicized coastal esplanade, underneath the bridges and flyovers, the coast is not only inaccessible but an eyesore. With garbage both in the water and on the land, the sight that greets the eye does not reflect well on us. What a pity, because that particular area could have become the pride of southeastern Attica. Why does the state persist in its indifference to the fate of this area, pretending that nothing is wrong. Why do the «citizens» – in this case, the word should be in several sets of inverted commas – hammer even more nails into its coffin by using it as a garbage dump? How long will this state of affairs continue?