Twist in Zachopoulos case

The woman accused of being involved in the alleged blackmail of former Culture Ministry General Secretary Christos Zachopoulos indicated yesterday via her lawyer that she is ready to admit to having an affair with the ex-public official. Evi Tsekou’s lawyer told journalists yesterday that the 35-year-old would ask to be re-examined by the magistrate investigating Zachopoulos’s attempted suicide. Tsekou is ready to admit to having an affair with Zachopoulos, contrary to her previous testimony in which she denied maintaining any personal relationship with her former boss at the ministry. The 35-year-old is willing to explain why she initially denied the affair but will insist that she was not involved in the alleged blackmail of Zachopoulos, her lawyer said. Tsekou also denies being involved in obtaining the footage on the DVD given by the government to investigating authorities, which apparently shows her engaging in sexual activity with Zachopoulos. She will also deny being part of any gang that is alleged to have blackmailed the former official. Tsekou’s apparent change of heart has come after the alleged contents of the DVD were widely reported and threw doubt on her original testimony. The latest twist in the case came as the government prepares to come out fighting when Parliament resumes on Monday, wary of the fact that the opposition parties will draw attention to the Zachopoulos affair. Foreign Minister Dora Bakoyannis blasted the press and opposition politicians for what she believes to be scandalmongering. «We are experiencing the ultimate in keyhole politics and at the same time there are scenarios and rumors,» she said. «The only body capable of giving serious answers to all these questions is the Greek justice system, which is handling the case.» The investigating magistrate is due to continue questioning, including the re-examination of Tsekou, next week.