Good ideas don’t make the grade

Innovation is lacking in Greek schools. Ideas and programs that could breathe new life into schools have become bogged down or proceed at a snail’s pace, while European institutions have fully applied them in daily practice. Pilot schools are indicative of this phenomenon. They are staffed with highly qualified educators but do not foster new ideas and innovation. State-run «frontistiria» or tuition colleges are also badly organized, which reduces their effectiveness. Their results are disproportionate to the funds received for staff salaries. They merely supplement teachers’ salaries, despite payment being late, or serve as a means for teachers to collect points in the quest for a post in the state sector. If there is no change of attitude, Greek schools will remain mired in their present bureaucratic state. Boldness, decisiveness and vision at the planning stage are required. Teachers who want to do a good job and not just find a convenient post are also necessary.