Pushing drugs to primary school pupils in the schoolyard

The death of the 14-year-old girl confirmed how far drug abuse has spread, and not just in the town where the girl lived. A few days ago, eight people were arrested in Serres where they had been trying to sell drugs to primary school pupils by approaching them in the schoolyard and showing them their wares. Early last week, a 20-year-old student fell into a coma after using cocaine in Alexandroupolis and the doctors were barely able to save her life. A man of 30 found in a comatose state at his home in Prosotsani, Drama, last week was not so lucky. Doctors at the local health center where he was taken simply confirmed his death. Police figures show there were 149 arrests for drug offenses in Kozani prefecture last year, five more than the previous year. Social agencies in Ptolemaida went on strike yesterday and held a rally to raise community awareness and highlight their demand for the establishment of a social service and advisory unit in Ptolemaida and a rehabilitation center in Kozani. They note that in all of western Macedonia, there is only one narcotics prevention center, in Kozani, which is staffed by a single employee. However, a protest rally held a few days ago outside Ptolemaida City Hall at the initiative of the Association Against Addiction attracted only a few people.