Assailants claiming to fight graft

Attacks on banks and multinational companies in Athens have picked up in the last few days by self-styled gangs claiming to be fighting corruption, authorities said yesterday. The attacks, involving groups of up to 30 youths throwing petrol bombs and stones at office facilities, have increased since Monday after continued front-page news of a scandal involving former Culture Ministry General Secretary Christos Zachopoulos. Police said the anarchists identify themselves as groups «against corruption» and also dedicate attacks to imprisoned anarchists. There have been no reports of injuries or arrests. Among the incidents to have taken place was an attack against three banks in central Athens yesterday that resulted in considerable damage, police said. On Monday, police received a phone call warning of a bomb at an Athens Jaguar car dealership. Shortly afterward, a homemade explosive device was found at a dealership in Halandri, northern Athens, but it caused no damage.