OSE pays after delay stirs protest

The Hellenic Railways Organization (OSE) reimbursed about 100 irate train passengers yesterday after they protested the latest in a series of delays to their daily Athens-bound journey. The commuters, who had left Oinoi, north of Athens, refused to show their tickets to an inspector on the train, complaining that the departure had been delayed by 16 minutes. Overwhelmed by the sheer number of angry passengers, the inspector called for help and the train was stopped at Menidi where police officers and OSE officials gathered to discuss the problem. Eventually, OSE officials admitted that the organization was to blame for the successive delays, blaming ongoing reconstruction on rail tracks. «Whenever extensive works are under way, there are delays and the timetable cannot always be relied upon,» a statement released by OSE said. The organization offered to compensate the passengers for the cost of yesterday’s tickets as a sign of good will.