Animal shelter offers land for sterilization

The Saint Francis of Assisi Animal Shelter has taken the first step toward helping to ease the problem of Attica’s tens of thousands of stray dogs and cats by offering a property of 0.6 hectares and an 812-meter unfinished building to any agency that will set up a center for the sterilization of strays. The center could also be used to hold a large number of strays during the Athens 2004 Olympics. The animal shelter has a plot of 1.4 hectares at Bourboutsana, 3 kilometers (2 miles) outside the Attic township of Koropi, where it already provides shelter to 244 dogs and 32 cats. It is offering 0.6 hectares for a sterilization center. «We are unable to accommodate more animals because we do not have funds. We get no government funding and the cost of caring for, feeding and sterilizing animals is met out of members’ contributions,» the shelter’s president, Marina Petropoulaki-Kollia, told Kathimerini.