Pangalos backs PASOK leader

Former Foreign Minister and PASOK MP Theodoros Pangalos backed party leader George Papandreou yesterday, saying that each political group has the ability to survive even without a top official. Pangalos’s comments came after growing concerns that a row between Papandreou and MP Evangelos Venizelos will result in the MP setting up his own party, taking with him some of the Socialists’ parliamentary members. «A party always has the ability to get rid of one of its staff members,» said Pangalos in an interview published in Sunday’s Kathimerini. Thessaloniki-based Venizelos, who lost a PASOK leadership challenge in November, has announced plans to set up his own think tank within the party to formulate ideas and policies. The move, however, is seen as an attempt by Venizelos to set up his own faction within the Socialists’ group. «Venizelos lost the elections and is a simple MP, like the rest of us,» added Pangalos.