Greek hacker sold arms data

A retired Greek mathematician was yesterday charged with hacking into the computer system of a major French arms manufacturer and selling its corporate secrets to rival firms across the globe. The 58-year-old is alleged to have hacked into software used by a subsidiary of Dassault in designing its new-generation fighter jets and subsequently to have sold copies of the software – at 700 euros apiece – to more than 200 companies in the US and Europe. The suspect has been wanted since 2002 when the French firm first contacted Greek authorities. The suspect, who used the code name «Astra» on the Internet, is believed to have collaborated with a British hacker based in London who is being sought by Interpol. According to officials of the Greek police’s electronic crime squad, the firm has incurred some 245 million euros in losses as a result of the alleged sale of its data. The companies and individuals alleged to have purchased the copied software are also being sought by Interpol.