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Less than a third of adults aged between 30 and 40 have degree Only 30 percent of Greek adults aged between 30 and 40 have a university or college education, according to the results of a study by the country’s main labor union GSEE. Another 30 percent of Greeks in the same age group reached junior high school level before quitting education, while another 30 percent reached senior high school level, according to the study which demonstrated a clear link between advanced education levels and higher salaries. This link is most evident in areas like Rhodope and Grevena in northern Greece. FRAUDSTER PROBE Officers in Kavala question suspect over forged residency permits Police in Kavala are questioning a 46-year-old municipal official believed to have been selling forged residence permits to illegal immigrants. Five would-be migrants in possession of such permits have already been arrested and are due to be deported, police said, adding that they are preparing to arrest a further 64 migrants in the next few days. Officers are investigating the possible involvement of other suspects, including lawyers, in a wider forgery ring. CHILD ABUSE Father held for raping son, aged 6 Police in Iraklion yesterday arrested the father of a 6-year-old boy who had been transferred to hospital earlier in the day with a broken nose, heavy bruising and signs that he had been repeatedly raped. Officers, who are treating the father as the chief suspect for the boy’s abuse, also arrested the 6-year-old’s grandmother. Police believe that the boy may have been abused on several occasions. Police attacked A group of about 10 youths attacked a police station in Pefki, northern Athens, with fire bombs, according to television reports late yesterday. There were no immediate reports of injuries. The assailants are believed to have thrown several petrol bombs at the police station as they drove past on motorcycles, causing some damage to the building. Firefighters were called to the scene as reports said that three to four patrols cars had also caught fire. Christodoulos weak Archbishop Christodoulos was still weak yesterday but slightly better than a few days ago when his breathing was difficult, doctors said. The fact that the heart and kidneys of the 69-year-old archbishop are functioning well is encouraging, doctors said. The condition of Christodoulos, who was diagnosed with cancer last summer, has deteriorated significantly over the past few weeks. Committee resignation The head of the Transport Ministry committee on road safety, Aris Stathakis, resigned yesterday saying that he does not wish to take part in a body that has no power. Stathakis said he is in favor of the government setting up a single decision-making body, adding that ministries are fighting over who will control the yet-to-be formed group. Purse thieves Three foreign women accumulated 14,391 euros by mugging unsuspecting female shoppers in Thessaloniki department stores, police in the northern city said yesterday. The young women, whose origins were not revealed, are believed to have targeted their victims in 15 different stores during a two-month period in the summer of 2006. All three faced a prosecutor yesterday. Meningitis victim A 4-year-old boy died of meningitis in a hospital on the island of Mytilene late on Thursday after a doctor had incorrectly diagnosed him as having «nothing serious.» The boy was taken to the hospital at around 5 p.m. with meningitis symptoms and died a few hours later before authorities could fly him to Athens for treatment. Armed robbery Two armed men held up a branch of Eurobank in Thessaloniki yesterday and made off with 28,856 euros in cash, police said. The holdup took place in the Kato Toumba area at around 10.25 a.m. and the assailants escaped from the scene on a high-powered motorcycle, authorities added.