Zachopoulos affair

On the domestic front, why can’t the government disentangle itself from the Zachopoulos affair? This government has made a choice – it does not cover up things. No matter what the problem, the government makes it public and sends it to the courts with completely transparent procedures, so it can be dealt with fully in the open. No doubt such action entails a cost. We will have to wait, no matter how painful that may be, for the courts to decide, so that we can move on from there, being careful not to condemn anyone without evidence or react spasmodically to the media blitz. I believe that things will run their course, that at some point people will react. I do not think that news bulletins on one sole subject inform the public. But that isn’t up to the government. The government moves on. The prime minister went to Ankara, the issue with FYROM is still a crucial one, consultations on social security reform, a subject that affects millions of Greeks, are continuing, as are a number of other issues such as the management of ports and infrastructure projects. It’s time to get back to the business of politics.