Grab your skis, it’s time to hit the slopes

So it’s deep into midwinter and the resolutions you foolishly thought you’d be able to keep in 2008 have already been broken. So what next? It’s time to hit the slopes. It’s the time of year that many of us will be maniacally flicking and clicking our way through winter holiday brochures and websites trying to decide where to go for a week of winter fun. No doubt France, Switzerland, Austria and neighboring Bulgaria – a burgeoning winter holiday destination in recent years – will make it on to many a short list. But hold that thought. If it hadn’t crossed your mind before, your best winter break ever could be right here on your doorstep. Greece is one Europe’s most mountainous lands, yet the fact that few people realize that this also makes the country a great winter sports destination is baffling to say the least. Such is the popularity of summer tourism that a winter break in Greece barely registers on the radar of the average winter sports enthusiast. Enter the world of what is perhaps one of the country’s best-kept secrets. During the December-to-April ski season – snow permitting, of course – more than 20 resorts operate all over the country. And while they cannot match the apres ski glamour of their richer and more modern European counterparts, the beautiful settings, reasonable prices and ambience of picture-postcard mountain villages more than make up for it. There are some fantastic places to hit the slopes and kick back and relax in equal measure. Here are six of the best.