Delays in aid to fire victims

Residents of the Peloponnese who lost their homes and livelihoods in last summer’s disastrous wildfires are still waiting for state compensation despite promises that bureaucratic hurdles would be overcome. «Apart from the initial emergency payout given to victims, not one euro has been given for homes, repairs or agricultural production,» Ileia Prefect Haralambos Kafyras told Kathimerini. Kafyras rebuffed claims that residents have dragged their feet in submitting applications for compensation. Alexandros Reppas, a farmer from the area of Ancient Olympia who lost his stables in the fires, said he got an initial payment of 7,000 euros but nothing since. Farmers say their situation is being exacerbated by higher production costs and lower returns. Meanwhile there are reports that some locals have planted olive saplings on land next to burnt groves, despite warnings to farmers to avoid cultivating burnt land until spring.