Archbishop calls for unity, truth

Newly elected Archbishop Ieronymos yesterday led his final Sunday service at the cathedral of Livadia, where he has been a local bishop for nearly three decades, stressing the need for unity within the Church and good relations with Istanbul-based Patriarch Vartholomaios. Referring to his new role, Ieronymos said he regarded himself as «equal among equals… a coordinator» and stressed his desire to «work collectively and with unity.» The 70-year-old cleric said the Church should do everything possible to protect the role of the Istanbul-based Patriarchate, saying its existence was «a blessing» for the Greek Orthodox Church. Vartholomaios had clashed frequently with the late Archbishop Christodoulos. In an apparent reference to the wave of recent corruption scandals, Ieronymos said institutions and laws should be respected. «We are living in an era of confusion where lies can be presented as truth and bad as good… institutions are good and should be supported and laws are also good and should be observed,» he said.