A power-generating greenhouse

Nikos Efthymiadis, a keen adopter of new technology, has set up an ultramodern 10-hectare glass greenhouse in Alexandreia, Imathia. «The greenhouse has a special system that uses natural gas to produce electricity, which we sell to the Public Power Corporation,» Ef-thymiadis told Kathimerini. «As well as electricity it also produces heat that keeps the greenhouse warm so we can produce all kinds of vegetables all year round.» The greenhouse is automatic, he explained. «A computer opens and closes the windows, regulates ventilation, and waters and sprays the plants according to their needs. And we have insects that work. We have our own bees that pollinate the plants, while ladybugs and other predators attack and destroy pests, so we don’t use harmful chemicals.» Of course the new equipment must be used on soil that is suitable for the crops. A joint project by Thessaloniki’s Aristotle University and a private company is currently gathering data on soils in Thrace by satellite and analyzing them, with prospects of expanding to other parts of Greece.