House link in blogspot probe

Authorities are broadening their investigation into the press-gr news blog after indications the site was being supplied with information from someone using a computer inside Parliament. Authorities are continuing to look into the blog spot after journalist Andreas Kapsampelis, who reportedly ran it, was charged on Monday with blackmail and libel. Sources said Finance Minister Giorgos Alogoskoufis, Merchant Marine Minister Giorgos Voulgarakis and government spokesman Theodoros Roussopoulos are among 100 plaintiffs to have filed a lawsuit against the blogspot in the last 16 months. Google, which hosts the electronic address, has agreed to help Greek authorities with investigation efforts aimed at uncovering suspects who allegedly demanded amounts of up to 20,000 euros from their victims in order not to publish articles about them. The self-styled citizens’ news site hosts a regular mix of comments on Greek politics and society from users who are frequently anonymous and often resort to abusive language. The case was raised in Parliament on Monday when Alogoskoufis said the opposition had regularly tapped the site for dirt on the government. «Many of the anonymous accusations adopted by members of the opposition are identical to the ones posted on (this) libelous website,» he said. One of the comments was found to have been posted on the blog from a computer belonging to Parliament’s network, the police said.