Vinyl Microstore

At first glance it’s like any other record store, a specialized store for that devoted minority who seek out, buy and collect vinyl. But the vintage sofas and the coffee that the relaxed customers are enjoying alert you to the fact that Vinyl Microstore is a hangout for alternative rock. Now in its 12th year, the store has become something that only became possible in 2000, when it moved down from suburban Maroussi to Didotou Street, on the cusp of Exarchia and Kolonaki. Being downtown brought in new vibes. In the past eight years the two-story building has grown from a simple meeting place to a lively cell in the Athens music scene, which hosts concerts, produces CDs, organizes events, screenings (in the basement) and record launches. For nearly two years it has had its own radio station, vm radio. At a time when the music industry is falling apart, Vinyl Microstore brings together music lovers from around the city. Vinyl Microstore, 34 Didotou Street, Exarchia.