When best’s not good enough, mom steps in

Despite pleas from relatives and friends of a couple about to be married, a priest in Lamia refused to allow the best man to participate because he had been married in a civil ceremony. Complaints were referred to the local bishop, Nikolaos. When Father Ioannis Avgeris found out that Dimitris Foundoukis had not been married in church, he refused to go ahead with the Saturday wedding of landowner Dimitris Karanastasis and Italian-language teacher Elena Danou. As the wedding hung in the balance, the groom stood on the steps of the church and the bride was driven around for an hour. Despite promises from Foundoukis and his wife that they would soon be married in church, Nikolaos stood firm, saying the Church did not accept «those who snub the marriage ceremony.» Foundoukis’s mum finally replaced him. Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon – who is one of the country’s most capable politicians and who has no inferiority complex toward Europe or the US – has no doubt achieved a new victory against Palestinian Authority leader Yasser Arafat as he did in the 1982 «Peace for Galilee» operation, whereby he crushed the military branch of the PLO.