Marathon walk for Palestinians

Scores of peace activists marched from the ancient tomb at Marathon to the Israeli Embassy in Athens yesterday to express their solidarity with the Palestinian people. The marathon marchers included members of peace groups, the Athens Labor Center, the Left Coalition party, Palestinian students’ organizations, Israeli pacifist groups and members of the European Peace Movement. On Saturday, about 50,000 people staged a peace protest in Tel Aviv. «Together with the Israeli pacifists, we are waging a struggle to show our solidarity with the Palestinian people and the need for peace in the region,» Left Coalition leader Nikos Constantopoulos said in a statement. Also among the marchers was Latif Dori, president of Israeli-Palestinian Dialogue. Another group comprising members of the Athens Mountaineering Society and the Peace and Ecology Runners’ Committee set out later in the day from the Peace and Friendship Stadium in Faliron to arrive at the Israeli Embassy at the same time.