Papariga sees red over police

Communist Party chief Aleka Papariga yesterday protested in Parliament against the presence of undercover police at a May Day rally, demanding in a question to Prime Minister Costas Simitis that he take measures to end this practice and to withdraw surveillance cameras. «What measures will the government take and when, for the immediate dissolution of surveillance mechanisms?» Papariga demanded. Papariga declared that these measures «are aimed at terrorizing and undermining the trade union and popular movement.» At a May Day march of about 3,000 members of the Communist-sponsored PAME organization, demonstrators rooted out an armed, plainclothes police officer in their midst. They beat him up and removed his gun, police identity card, student ID card, mobile phone and wallet – all of which were handed over to the officer in charge of security arrangements after the march. PAME members claimed policeman Christos Yiannakoulis, 23, drew his gun on them when they started to hit him and accused police of adopting «terrorist tactics.» (Kathimerini, AP)