In Brief


Former minister, scion of great political family, is found dead Constantinos Trikoupis, who served as deputy foreign minister after the elections of 1974 which followed the restoration of democracy, was found dead in his house in Kifissia, where he lived alone for the last few years. Trikoupis, 76, was the last male member of the family that produced two prime ministers (Spyridon, who was Greece’s first prime minister from 1828-33, and Harilaos, who served several times between 1875 and 1895). He is survived by his wife, Rita, and two sisters. His family said he died of heart arrest. The funeral will be held today at 4 p. m. at the Athens First Cemetery. ACROPOLIS BLAST Known criminal, woman arrested; police seek third suspect A man arrested on Monday in connection with the explosion of a hand grenade detonator in the Dionysos restaurant under the Acropolis is linked to blackmail and theft rings, said police yesterday. An alleged prostitute from Kazakhstan was also arrested. Giorgos Anagnostopoulos, 27, was yesterday under police supervision at Athens’s KAT hospital where he went after the explosion with wounds to his hands and leg. He and Olga Pasianidis, 21, face charges of possessing illegal explosives. Anagnastopoulos also faces charges of attempted homicide and conspiracy. A third suspect is being sought by police, who have said the explosion was not a terrorist attack. ATTIKI ODOS Smart cards, new entries From next Tuesday, toll posts on the Attiki Odos will start selling smart cards with 30 euros of credit which drivers can hand in for employees to deduct their toll. And drivers will have an even more sophisticated cash-free option from July 1 with the introduction of an electronic device which is scanned at every toll gate visit for a month, after which a bill is sent to the driver’s home. The device will carry a fixed monthly charge of three euros. Tolls will rise to 1.20 euros on July 1. From today, the Kantza interchange will open and in two days’ time the Paiania one. Delon French actor Alain Delon, in Athens to attend a charity fashion show last night, was unharmed yesterday after the limousine taking him from Spata airport to his hotel crashed into a truck which had just been hit by an oncoming vehicle. The young Albanian driver who lost control of his car near the southern coastal resort of Lagonisi was also unhurt. The Penelope Zagoras Fashion House, organizing last night’s show in Ekali, said Delon would attend the show as scheduled. Coach tickets Tickets for intercity coaches (KTEL) from Athens can now be bought from kiosks on Aghios Constantinos Square, near Omonia, which were officially opened by Transport Minister Christos Verelis yesterday. The new kiosks will reserve and sell tickets to passengers who no longer have to trek to the bus station on Kifissos Avenue. Seats for coaches leaving the Liosion road bus station will also be on sale at central kiosks by mid-June. Eventually, bus stations across the country will follow the same system, said Verelis, adding that KTEL coaches will become private companies by the end of the month as part of a law restructuring the sector. Museum day Entrance to all museums will be free this Saturday to mark World Museum Day, the Culture Ministry said yesterday. The theme of this year’s anniversary is «Museums and Globalization» – chosen by the International Council of Museums to highlight the unique role museums can play in uniting cultural development and preserving national and regional identity. The theme will be the subject of a discussion tomorrow between archaeology professors and museum directors at the offices of the Foreign Press Association. Cultural center Culture Minister Evangelos Venizelos and Victor Navasky, who is a professor of journalism at Columbia University and editor of «The Nation,» agreed yesterday to establish an international cultural center in New York «linking the arts to democracy,» Venizelos said yesterday. Such a center would promote the aims of the Cultural Olympiad by cultivating a worldwide culture, Venizelos said.