Revamps appeal to people and businesses

Apart from the seafront regeneration, changes in the daily life of the inhabitants are also evident in the center of the city, which is buzzing with life and activity. The pedestrianized areas of Aghios Nikolaos attract both residents and visitors and commercial activity is on the rise. Georgiou Square, another landmark of the city, has also undergone a facelift. The changes have not been popular with everyone but the square certainly offers entertainment and a pleasant spot for strollers. Because of its size it has also been used for open-air concerts hosting well-known performers. The lack of greenery though is evident. The only green area in the city is the Dasylliou hill next to the medieval castle. The old Upper Town The history of the city and the monuments in the old Upper Town are just as important to the daily life of the inhabitants. Excavations are currently being carried out to unearth the Roman hippodrome, close to the Roman conservatory. This discovery prompted a recent proposal to link the archaeological sites. In addition, many owners of old neoclassical buildings have taken advantage of the incentives provided by the state to restore them. This has enhanced the city’s image and restored some of its former splendor. Even some of the modern apartment blocks were given a facelift following incentives introduced when Patras was designated Cultural Capital of Europe.