After two miscarriages, enjoying late motherhood to the full

Iris Roussi put off having a child until she and her husband had both finished their studies and, after two unsuccessful attempts, she became a mother at 42. «I married at about the age of 33… we kept putting it off, saying we had plenty of time. But the years went by and after two miscarriages we realized how silly it had been to delay,» she said. «When I became pregnant a third time… I avoided announcing it until I was in the seventh month. Fortunately all went well… «There is no doubt that a younger mother has more stamina and doesn’t need to be so careful… The advantage of motherhood at my age is that I appreciate every moment. I have had my fill of traveling and social life and am enjoying motherhood to the full. I am now working part-time from home, as I want to be close to the baby all the time. I wouldn’t want his first words or his first steps to be for someone else.» Excerpt from an article in the May 4 issue of Kathimerini’s supplement K.