Building a trusting relationship

When Tina Isaakidou met her second husband in an Internet chatroom 10 years ago, she already had a child and her future husband two. They now have a child of their own. Although there are four children in the family, which would normally qualify them for financial breaks, the law does not apply to them as all four must have one parent in common. «I met opposition from my own family, but that didn’t discourage me. My son, Chrysanthos, was just 5 when I remarried. I always kept in mind that each child is different and needs to be treated differently. «What is most important is not to discriminate between them; it doesn’t matter who gave birth to them. In practice I had to work hard at it,» said Isaakidou. «My husband’s eldest son, Haris, was then 9 and his daughter 6. I had to be strict but fair with them in order to gain their trust. «I have realized that having a large family means having your antenna attuned in order to maintain a balance between worries, expenses and daily difficulties on the one hand while enjoying the fun and joy in life,» Isaakidou concluded.