Police force set for sweeping changes

Greece’s police force is set for a major shake-up from top to bottom, according to the deputy interior minister responsible for matters of public order, Panayiotis Hinofotis. Hinofotis told Skai Radio yesterday that a series of changes to the force are being planned. «For the police to be effective, what we need first of all is a change of attitude and culture among the officers themselves,» said Hinofotis, who was plucked last year from being commander-in-chief of the Greek armed forces to head up the public order section of the Interior Ministry. Hinofotis suggested that there would be many changes in the force, including how promotions are decided, the number of officers that are assigned to special duties such as guarding VIPs, how policemen are trained as well as a review of how funding is allocated. The deputy minister also said that the police are working with the City and Prefecture of Athens to develop a plan for policing the city center. The news comes after the police were heavily criticized following the escape of a drug addict in Thessaloniki who went on to shoot dead a bus driver just over a week ago.