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Macedonia debate

Resolving name dispute will be ‘main goal’ of FYROM’s new government The president of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), Branko Crvenkovski, yesterday stressed that the main goal of the government elected in June 1 elections would be «the intensification, as soon as possible,» of talks aimed at resolving the Macedonia name dispute. Crvenkovski seemed to dig at Greece about the stance it would adopt in negotiations. «Reaching a solution will not be possible in the event of a force that attempts to impose a settlement that would endanger our national identity and our people’s dignity,» he said. Olympic turbulence Several more domestic flights canceled as pilots continue strike Eight Olympic Airlines flights were canceled and another eight rescheduled as part of the ongoing strike by pilots of propeller-driven planes. The strike is expected to enter its 11th day today and passengers are advised to call the airline on 210.966.66.66 or 801.11.44.4444 before setting off to catch a flight. Meanwhile, Aegean Airlines said that its schedule would be disrupted tomorrow due to a four-hour work stoppage by air traffic controllers. Passengers should call 801.11.20000 (from a landline) or 210.626.10.00 (from a mobile phone) for more information. Sunflower fears Three more suspect brands withdrawn Three more brands of sunflower oil were withdrawn from the market yesterday over fears that they have been contaminated with mineral oil. Food watchdog EFET ordered the withdrawal of all bottles of Agrotis and Anatoli sunflower oil while the Veropoulos supermarket chain took the precautionary step of withdrawing its own-brand sunflower oil, sold under the name Spar, as well as all other types of sunflower oil from its shelves. Unholy angler A 48-year-old man was arrested in Thessaloniki’s Neapoli area after attempting to steal cash from a church. Police said yesterday they arrested the suspect who allegedly lowered a fishing line into the church’s collection box. The end of the line had been pasted with glue as a means of «fishing the notes.» The man was expected to be charged late yesterday. Receptionist disciplined A telephone receptionist for the Greek police’s emergency service is to undergo a disciplinary investigation for allegedly refusing to help a woman who called to ask for assistance as she was being threatened by an escaped detainee in Thessaloniki last week. The 33-year-old detainee ended up hijacking three cars and killing a bus driver. The receptionist allegedly told the woman to call back again using a different area code number. China aid Greece yesterday pledged an immediate payment of 200,000 euros in aid to China for the people affected by the massive earthquake that struck in the Chinese province of Sichuan, killing more than 12,000 people. Kouyias disbarred The Athens Bar Association (ABA) yesterday disbarred high-profile lawyer Alexis Kouyias for «insulting the reputation of the legal profession.» The ABA’s disciplinary panel ruled that despite being suspended three times, Kouyias, who makes regular TV appearances, had continued to behave inappropriately for a lawyer. Kouyias has the right to appeal the decision. Violent teacher? A secondary school teacher in Trikala yesterday defended himself before a regional education governor after being accused of striking a female student during a school excursion. According to the testimony of other pupils on the school trip, the teacher hit the student after she refused to put down a plastic bag filled with water. Promotions on offer Interior Minister Prokopis Pavlopoulos said yesterday the ministry is working on a draft bill that would allow some 70,000 public servants to be promoted more easily, in a move to better utilize the government’s pool of human resources. KEP problems Several Citizens’ Service Centers (KEP) were not operating yesterday, particularly in the greater Athens area, due to technical problems.