Help close at hand, says survey

Family and social bonds remain firmly intact in Greece as survey results made public yesterday showed that more than nine in 10 respondents said they have someone to provide them with help if needed. According to a survey conducted by the National Statistics Service (NSS), 96.4 percent said they could rely on a relative, friend or neighbor for help, which ranged from asking for money to having their plants watered while on vacation. The figure, however, fell slightly below the 95 percent mark for divorcees and widowers, the NSS said. Approximately 43 percent of respondents said they see their relatives on a daily basis while nearly five in 10 said they meet up with a friend every seven days. The closeness of family contact is also linked to social and economic groups, the survey found. Just over 48 percent of low-income earners met with relatives every day, against 41.4 percent in the case of those considered to be financially better off.