Youth link the community to the Internet

For Mayor Paris Koukoulopoulos (18 years in office), the town has proven to be active in preserving and showcasing its traditional character through cultural events as well as continuing to promote music, which is testified to by the number of students enrolled at the music conservatory (850). Kozani also boasts a symphony orchestra and five choirs. The town has a modern image as well. It operates a local portal (, created by a team of young people. The portal offers news and information from the local press, a forum for local and wider issues, a link to all Kozani websites (over 200) and is visited by 1,300 users. The network also supports the efforts of the Kozani Linux User Group (KLUG), which was created by another team of young Kozani residents. The aim of the group is to promote free software in the area with the creation of a wireless network with free access and a laboratory to introduce and train users and friends to use new applications. The initiative has been highly popular and no less than 70 people joined in the first month. Some store owners have also installed free software they use at work.