A call for help in cyberspace

«Bisbikis family, where are you? My grandfather, Giorgos Bisbikis, arrived on Ellis Island in the spring of 1914 with a few relatives. He moved to South Carolina and brought up his family in Greenville. We know very little about our Greek origins, only what we have from the Ellis Island archives. The name of our hometown in Greece is obviously wrong – or is there a place called ‘Kerasovon’? Please help me. Angela.» Hundreds of classified ads such as this can be seen posted on the Internet, written by second-, third- or even fourth-generation Greeks from America, Canada or Australia. Until just a few years ago, at least for Greek Americans, the only source for finding their roots was the Ellis Island archives. Now there are dozens of websites designed for the purpose. Angela’s appeal, for example, was posted on, an extremely popular site dedicated to Greek genealogy.