To our readers

As of today, Kathimerini English Edition is beginning a series of changes aimed at expanding our coverage of news, comment and arts in the region across a broader range of media. Kathimerini English Edition is now being published with the International Herald Tribune in a single, continuous edition and no longer as a separate insert. We are consolidating our content into six or four pages daily. Our stock listings will focus on indices and the day’s greatest changes. Some other listings will be dropped but can be found on our website ( In this way, we will have the same amount of news, comment and arts as before. Within this month, our joint venture between the International Herald Tribune and Kathimerini will be publishing a weekly English-language newspaper. It will be more feature-oriented and aimed at providing news and helping readers to make the most of the opportunities that Greece offers to those living here or visiting. It will be sold separately at newsstands but will be provided, at no extra cost, to subscribers of the IHT-Kathimerini edition. Our third change, also to be completed within this month, is a more dynamic website that will provide news and features throughout the day as well as a comprehensive list of useful information across all aspects of living, working and traveling in Greece. We invite readers to write to us at [email protected] with comments, questions and suggestions.