Call to give museums anti-quake protection

Using new anti-seismic technologies to bolster Greek museums would offer significant protection to the treasures they hold, experts told a conference in Athens yesterday. «The anti-seismic fortification for museums should be twofold: for the building itself and for the protection of the exhibits,» said Costas Spyrakos, the head of the anti-seismic laboratory of the National Technical University of Athens. The technology, already adopted by the New Acropolis Museum, is crucial if Greece is to protect its ancient heritage, the experts said. Techniques such as the seismic insulation of display cases and using of mechanisms that absorb shock waves, can make the impact of an earthquake «four to six times smaller.» Even simple measures would help protect museum exhibits, experts said. «Securing exhibits in place with special string offers basic protection,» Spyrakos said.